Postcard from Israel P.S. We're Back Monday!


I unplugged for this past week on holiday in Israel.  Since I didn't spend as much time thumbing through the internet, instead of the usual weekend roundup of links I've liked in the week, I'll share the one nugget from the web that I held close while I've been here. Somewhere, likely in the minefields of Pinterest, I found this - "We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

It feels particularly true as parents.  Watching Bodie take in the long hot feeling of beach days, grow comfortable with his cousins and discover jumping on and off curbs got us out of the trenches of schedule and structure.  By day three I stopped worrying that he was subsisting on an all pasta, pizza and Bamba diet.  Because to fight it and miss the rest just wasn't worth it.

We always see a different way when we go away.  In Israel, despite so much global anxt surrounding the country, we found families with five, six or even seven children who do it with ease and affection.  They worry about the big things like health and sleep and they let go of the little things like a shorter than normal nap.  As women, and mothers, they are more present in conversations with peers than I've been in the last sixteen months.  Their eyes aren't darting around like mine as soon as their children are out of sight.  

I love Bodie's naps too much to suddenly get reckless with that routine but there is a chill factor I see in this community that amazes me given the chaos of the country.  Let's hope we absorbed a bit of it for the red eye return home and beyond.  

Are any of you planning a big trip away?  Do you find yourself more observant of international parenting styles? xo