The Post Baby Clothing Upgrade That Was An Instant Pick Me Up

It just occurred to me last week that in my entire adult life I have never bought my own bras. Since I saw my ten year old peers wearing training bras, my mother has been my bra shopping companion and buyer.  This makes logical and sweet sense in your teens when you need an escort and cash but I think it just became a funny habit for both of us.  When I came home in my twenties she would see a ratty bra strap peeking out and cringe and take me shopping.   She also happens not to be a woman that enjoys browsing or spending - she's practical in all the best ways - but undergarments, to her, felt like a worthy use of her time and money.  In my thirties, when I was with her before my wedding or in early pregnancy, we were back at Saks, getting resized and fit.

Just like any habit, the downside is that I grew blissfully unaware of how much bras cost and extremely lazy about evaluating when I needed to make switches.  Then, I got stuck in Israel last week having forgotten to pack anything besides this gem - the Calvin Klein bralette - that I wore on the plane and swear by for cozy days in.  But two days in to my suitcase, I hit a wall with the outfit options that work with that sporty number and ventured out by myself to make my first big bra investment.

I learned good bras are a fortune which feels unfair and that I am a solid size smaller than what I've been wearing since giving birth.  The sweet French, Israeli lady in the shop who I adopted as my mother figure for a whole half hour, told me that many women, after finishing nursing, go back to the bras they wore during pregnancy though our bodies have changed a couple times over since.  Other guidance:

1.  Always have four bras that fit.  Two black, one nude, one cream.  One of which might be lace and one should be a t-shirt bra.

2. Getting resized is important but so is finding the style that works for your post pregnancy and nursing shape.

"Full cups lift heavier breasts and keep everything in place. Plunge bras bring wider set breasts closer together. Push-ups raise shallower breast tissue upward. Demi and balcony bras will give your breasts a tighter appearance as they lift and confine less firm skin."*

3.  Smooth and seamless fabric turn out to be best after pregnancy, unless you are a workout fiend.  I personally know I have a bit of loose skin post-baby and extra texture does no favors.   

Of what I came home with, this one has been my absolute favorite - The Chantelle "Rive Gauche" has given basic tees a whole new life since coming back.   

Would love to know - How often do you bra shop?  Do you have favorites in the undergarment category? xo



*Source: HuffPo

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