The Most True Thing I've Read About Women's Role In The Home

Illustration by  Emma , originally posted on  The Guardian

Illustration by Emma, originally posted on The Guardian

French comic, Emma, seemingly read the minds of many women when she sketched her illustration, "You Should've Asked, posted in The Guardian this week.  Emma observes and then prods at the familiar scenario wherein a woman often absorbs the role of planner and manager of the household.  I had never heard the phrase "mental load" before, but she presents it as a punchy description of the running to do list a woman often manages on behalf of all the goings on for the family.

What I found particularly compelling about the comic was that it didn't discount that modern husbands are ready to help.  What she argues however is that men are, in many cases, looking to women, as managers, to delegate.  I often admire my husband for his willingness and ability to to do so much in our home but the "mental load" still remains and feels true to me.

As the comic circulates across websites, the conversations I've seen bubble up are 1. that this is social conditioning and can be reversed and 2.  that this dynamic is a result of science - women's corpus callosum is thicker to allow for multi-tasking to protect themselves and their offspring.  

I'm somewhere between the argument that gender roles are part science and society.  What do you think? Does any part of Emma's "You Should Have Asked" comic strip stick for you? 


Featured Image via Anna Maria