Big Tech | Work That Works For Mothers

Since we started this series, Work That Works For Mothers, there has been a natural leaning toward creative businesses but the conversation about flexible work is larger than that pool of beautiful companies. So large that these three smarts names in tech - Amazon, Sales Force and Apple - are currently focused on expanding their "work from home" talent opportunities.  For Amazon, the number of roles is large - they're looking at 5,000 remote hires this year while Sales Force is clearly testing the concept and has 150 openings currently.  

Hires across all three companies include full benefits. When I first saw the news, I assumed the jobs board was limited to inside sales or customer care that are typically phone heavy but roles include engineering, account management, sales and project management.  Opportunities are available across the country.

With companies that pride themselves in innovation and diverse perspectives, it's not hugely surprising but it's certainly attention getting and helps drive change through the category. The work from home pool is able to recruit women (and men) that may not have been able to participate in those work cultures otherwise whether it's because of time limitations, location or the desire simply to be physically at home.   If these roles work, and all signs point to it working so far, they specifically, help retain female tech talent that want to transition to flexible work arrangements for a period of time during motherhood.   Alternatively, I can imagine these being interesting roles for women wanting to transition back to the industry after a career pause. 

Have you ever worked in tech?  Do you think people who work from home concept can thrive at companies like these? 

Source:  Working Mother

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