A Meal Delivery Service For Your Kids

When I was spoon feeding Bodie purees and his taste buds were in the very early stages, I prided myself on having a child with a very evolved palette, as in he ate most everything. Insert forehead slapping emoji here.  Cut to this week when he has a say in things and we are firmly embedded in a rotation between Annie's Mac & Cheese, Earth's Best Organic waffles and Dr. Praegers Veggie Littles or Fish Sticks.  

At this point in our little life together, I'm very reluctant to give up precious nap time for cooking meals but also don't want to leave the park or playdates earlier than we have to to whip something up.   So for now, I'm in a bit of a food rut, which would be fine if it was my own eating that was sub-par but a different story when it comes to my child.  

When we get home from our two weeks away, I fully intended on going mini-Martha on the situation and at least starting with stocking the fridge with easy finger foods.  I'm still game for that but my husband reminded me that Nurture Life, a company that started in Chicago has expanded delivery locations to include New York.  

Nuture Life's team includes seasoned chefs and pediatric dietitians to create meal rotations that cater to your child's age and stage.  My favorites of their items for toddlers include things like, spinach stuffed gnocchi with vegetable bolognese or seasonal items like, veggie fried rice.  Here's their sample menu for babies, toddlers and kids.  

I had a few questions about their process to prevent contamination and avoid allergens so I found this page super helpful before signing up.   I'm starting with a subscription of 5 meals a week to leave room for Annie's, Dr. Praeger's and my own staples but I think the handful of healthy, high quality meals will ease the guilt, introduce more interesting flavors to Bodie without compromising either of our time doing more fun things.  

Have you tried a meal delivery service for yourselves?  Would you consider it for your kids?


Featured Image via Hip Mommies