MU Picked · For Precious Sleep

We talk about sleep a lot between ourselves.  Inevitably, the first thing a mom friend and I will text or chat about is scheduling our dates around a nap, a brutal regression or a precious lie in. I'm generally quite pleased with our sleep situation or maybe the bumps don't catch me quite off guard as they used to (remember the dreaded 4 month regression?).  Dan and I credit it a lot to Bodie's sleep environment and routines - the familiar things that wind us all down before naps and night time.  Below are our favorite finds for those necessary, peaceful hours.  Also as a reminder, you can find them in M.U. Picked, the part of the site which keeps all of the products we love organized in one place. 

1.  Woolino 4 Season Merino Sleep Sack Beyond being soft and elegant, the material adjusts with Bodie's body temperature so you don't have to have loads of different summer and winter blankets.

2.  BONDS baby wondersuits come in the sweetest patterns and have a lot of give to them so they last for 6 month stretches which is unheard of when it comes to baby wear. 

3.  Nook Pebble Light Crib Mattress I love the whole Nook sleep systems because of the eco friendly materials they use.  The breathability helped clear my mental space about SIDS as they do safety and cozy really well.

4.  Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light I've tried a handful of these from friends and hotel and this remains the easiest to collapse, store and create into a sleep space that resembles home.

5.  Burts Bees Rugby Stripe Pajamas These two pieces make for easy mid night diaper changes, the fabric is safe and soft and is super breathable for kids that run warm.

6.  Parachute Home Percale Crib Sheets Our own bedding is Parachute and it feels light and indulgent so obviously we want the same for B.  

7.  Dohm Dual Speed All Natural Sound Machine It's an always on gentle sound that lulls us as we walk into Bodie's room but equally powerfully blocks the tv and chit chat from the living room. 

8.  RH Baby & Child Luxe Knit Security Blanket We were gifted a lot of loveys and this one stuck because it's a perfect size to go everywhere and feels so silky.  

What are the sleep staples you love? Add them in the comments!

Featured Image via Old Navy