A Game Changer For The First Year of Motherhood

The single best thing about breast pumping is the instant camaraderie with most women, who at the mention of it, give a collective tired sigh.  I thought my Medela Pump InStyle was quite good but I still dreaded - and that's not an exaggeration - that half hour hooked up to a machine, especially at 9pm when all I wanted was to crawl into bed.  It was salt in open wounds to unhook myself and have to wash and sterilize all those little parts.  

Every woman, young and old, who I came across during that stage, lamented about wanting to be the person to reinvent the wheel for pumping to at the very least get rid of that terrible noise that you can hear through doors in the office.  

Someone finally did it in time for expecting mothers this year.  I've just been introduced to the Naya Smart Breast Pump - called one of the best inventions for women by Forbes. Beyond being simple and streamlined in design, it's water powered to eliminate the machine cranking hum and weighs in at only 3 lbs. so that you can easily bring it on travel or to work.  It's still hospital grade and 25% more efficient than the mainstream pumps meaning faster at getting you to bed after that last pump before sleep.  Here's the science on how it works that simply just looks more elegant and natural - which in theory is what we would love breastfeeding to be (I've talked about my honestly messy experience with nursing the first time around).

Would you try the Naya? I'd love to hear thoughts on it in the comments! 

Featured Image via Naya Health