An Indulgent Independence Day Weekend

This weekend felt especially indulgent with 5 (!) days of quality time waking at the beach, surrounded by family, and most fun, watching Bodie throw pebbles, discover the joy of kiddie pools and listen for airplanes overhead.  

As I was watching him run yards away from us on the beach, pointing with awe at a helicopter above, I felt the pinch of realization that there are so many families who can't imagine such peace. That when they hear anything in the sky, they shield their children.  That open land for their kids to run can be a minefield.  

I am one of the many whose hearts sank on November 9th and have been commiserating with friends since about the state of current leadership.  But, this July 4th, as we pack up from our gorgeous weekend, I feel so grateful that my children can for the most part play with no fear. Regardless of government antics, that is freedom of the best kind and I've never felt as grateful for it.  Hope you each got to enjoy loads of peace and love this Independence day xo 


Featured Image via @cleowade