Are You Ok When Your Kids Are Bored?

Bodie is definitely at a fun age that comes with a lot of physicality and curiosity.  And so, we are always moving around - from playground to indoor playspace to pool to playdate.  And sometimes, we have quiet moments in between where we're building blocks or coloring but those are in small stretches and the antsiness inevitably kicks in.  

And when it does, I historically have jumped into action, moving us into the next activity.  I was just speaking with another stay at home mother at the aforementioned indoor playspace (Appleseeds) and we were talking the shared desire/stress to make the day entertaining and full of teaching moments.  

When you make the decision to adjust your work/salary/lifestyle to be at home more, there comes an expectation (self-inflicted, certainly) that we be the most hands on, Montessori inspired mother imagined.

And sometimes, I'm all that and more and sometimes, more recently, I need a moment.  And I've been taking it.  Meaning that when I sense Bodie getting tired of being inside but I have one more thing I need to do or one more coffee necessary, instead of dropping it, I let him wait a bit.  And more often that not, if I'm taking that extra ten minutes, he will find some new corner of the room to entertain himself or worst case, he puts himself in the stroller and waits.  

For older kids, who can voice, "I'm bored", I loved this thoughtful instruction on what you can try to help them lean into that feeling of "bored".  The argument for boredom is that a little space and time to self-play or even be still - in our current world - can be the best sort of teaching moment.  

Do you feel that same pressure to be "always on" with your kids?  Or have you come to terms with downtime, even if it comes with complaining?  Would love your thoughts! 


Featured Image via sollybaby