Motivating Yourself Through The Creative Crowds

As the "side hustle" becomes a cultural movement, we're seeing an uptick of creativity in various shapes and sizes.  I observe the growing crop of makers, consultants, photographers, writers, designers, brand ambassadors, bloggers, and coaches.  And among all of these independent talented women, I feel pretty energized and proud but occasionally lost if I let myself compare my own progress and product.  

Add to that, if you're in the Untitled camp, you're creating your work alongside a primary focus of motherhood so I, for one, can often feel like I'm not moving fast enough.  I've found two things to give me peace and focus. 

The first being the recognition that in any category, there will always be hundreds (thousands) of people working on similar projects - that's what defines a category and how progress happens.  As participants or creators, we add our own view and version which is inherently unique to us.  I find this so humbling to think of myself as a part of something bigger.  But more pertinent for me is the constant reflection of why I'm working on my particular project.  The reminder that I'm keeping the creative part of myself as a woman whole and energized relieves significant pressure. After that, wanting to create impact in a conversation or community of women is something that I can feel confident in with one reader email or social media comment (so, thank you for those!).  I find that whatever you are working on, your core motivation is often so personal that it is protected and safe.  

What are your reasons for doing what you do? If you're open, jot them down in the comments to remind yourself and share with this group. xo


Cover Image via Niels Kantor