MU Picked · For A Design Forward Play Space

Earlier in August, I had one week when I was ready to throw in the towel on small space city living because Bodie's cars were constantly underfoot and his toys seemed to only be getting bigger. I had my friend, Tali, come over to sort it out.  She happens to be an uber talented designer whose very cool understated eye and aesthetic is only matched by her playful personality.  You can experience a constant bout of interior envy by following along on her Instagram. Anyways, it felt only fair to share her so she's stepped in to do this week's M.U. Picked list.  Below is her recipe for a well designed play space and you can shop her picks on the M.U. Picked page.  

Ok, so I believe that everything comes down to clever floor-planning and storage pieces more than the toys itself.

1.  Smallable Beech Wood House or Cabin Bed  I love the idea of containing chaos and mess. It makes it way easier to clean up a space and get ready for adult time every night. I had a custom wood house made for me before I had Phoenix. At first, I had a play mat and some basic baby toys in there and I would lay him down and do tummy time and back time when I would get a few emails out in the early days. You can stick a little mattress inside it and layer it with some books and mobiles or a thick play mat and bags of toys. Here is how I styled mine way back when:

Image courtesy of Tali Roth

Image courtesy of Tali Roth

2. TellKiddo I love that when I pile all of the balls, soft toys, cards etc. into these bags they sit there all pretty and monochromatic. These bags are better for the larger items and you can expect your kids to dump everything out of them but it's as easily repacked! I actually have a couple of these bags sitting in the wood frame house at the moment!

3. Put one or two of these STUVA storage benches from IKEA together in an unused space and this will create a reading nook and an amazing storage space for the annoying things like Legos. I find the smaller toys the hardest to contain and the most frustrating! I think it's important to separate it from the bigger items and not have tiny containers all throughout your home. I love these white suitcases from Cb2 to fill with the smaller items and stack on top of each other.

4. Saddle Ring Magazine Holders When your play areas are overflowing with books you might need to keep some elsewhere in your home. I keep this magazine holder filled with small books and it hangs out next to the sofa... people wouldn't think it's filled with nursery rhymes!  I also think these acrylic shelves are minimal and great to hang out above a reading chair or close to the ground so the baby can go right up to it and pick their own book.  Also, some people hate these large bookshelves but honestly, they fit snug up against the wall and they are engaging and genuinely helpful in storing books! I love them.

5. The Poster Club  I think that wall decor helps a play space come to life! It's also a talking point and triggers the kids' imagination. My other picks for affordable print shops are Ferm Living and Lola Donoghue.

6.  Pieces Design is a group based in Israel that sells tables and chairs on ETSY that is so cool. I also love this supplier on ETSY.

7.   The Sierra Pumice is one of my favorite rugs from this Australia/LA based company called Armadillo and Co.  I think when it comes to rugs you either go cheap and layer with a sheepskin and take the following attitude - it's going to look dodgy but I can dry clean the sheepskin and then buy a new rug every few years OR just go for wool. It is super cleanable and really one of the few fibers that are super kid friendly.