Inspiration For Managing The Skeptics


I've most certainly run into a tad bit of misunderstanding or confusion when explaining both, taking a pause for motherhood or what I'm working on creatively.   You know those quick conversations where you wish you could have a "do-over"?  We've talked before (here) about answering "What do you do?", with confidence and clarity during this chapter of career changes. But sometimes, there's just someone for whom what you're working on doesn't click.  And by the way, I notice that happens whether you're male or female, in software or media, working full time, part-time, on your own thing or raising our kids.  Did you ever try explaining social media marketing in 2007?

I think knowing that everyone encounters that feeling at some point helps me to take it a bit less personally. The alternative would be scrambling back to the drawing board, re-thinking my life path and up ending my general peace and progress.  That just sounds exhausting.  I keep Jeff Bezos' bits of amazonian wisdom in the back of my mind whenever I sense a raised eyebrow or a questioning look (trust me, say "mom blogger" and you are sure to get one for every hundred conversations).  

But, those other conversations - when everything clicks - are gorgeous, aren't they?