3 Ways To Help Mothers & Children Affected By Hurricane Harvey

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Watching the rush of waves this week with Bodie, I feel more aware that nature is such an incredibly humbling and volatile thing that can delight or devastate us within a range of a thousand miles.  The Hurricane feels not so far away but it's a level of physical and emotional stress on a community that feels incomprehensible.  In motherhood, maybe because I have more time to reflect or because I generally want to be the best version of  myself for B or empathy is at an all time high, I've become more interested in ways to give and support other women and families. The charity and giving spectrum is so vast it can feel intimidating or overwhelming when you're just getting started.  These are the three organizations recommended to me by women I trust who are experienced in charity work and the ones that are giving directly to families in crisis. 

1.  Good+ - Founded by the very funny Jesse Seinfeld (Jerry's wife), the organization is always committed to collecting and delivering essentials (diapers, strollers, etc.) to low-income parents.  They invite you to donate in whichever way you can - time, money or gently used goods.  Donations are currently getting routed to Houston to reduce stress on families.

2. Delivering Good - The site is a little clunky which may sway potential donors unfortunately but this organization scored strong marks from Charity Navigator and teams up with retail houses to replace apparel, household goods (including cribs) and personal care items for families.  Donations will go to helping transport those items to needing homes. 

3. Circle of Health International - COHI commits 100% of their energy toward women, babies and reproductive health.  The organization quickly responded to the events in Southern Texas with a micro-site allowing you to donate directly to care for the needs of any affected expecting mothers and infants, i.e. emergency transport, midwife care or basics like formula.  

Additionally, the Texas Diaper Bank is asking for diapers and wipes, which can be packed and sent to 5415 Bandera Road, Suite 504, San Antonio, Tex., 78238.

I'm making a small contribution to each of these and am hopeful I'll be one among many.  What are other ways you've considered giving, either in Southern Texas, more local to you, or abroad? I'd love you to add them in the comments. xo  

Cover photo via ministylemag