3 Strategies For When You're Feeling Behind


The "school year" just began and I'm already falling behind.  When everyone around me is buzzing with productive energy and momentum, I feel slow in getting a firm handle on upcoming family plans, Bodie's activities or work projects I've meant to get underway.  

I had a recent morning where the brain gears were feeling especially rusty as compared to my meeting companion. I returned to my usual work space and whined to a couple of other mothers navigating this grey space between work and home.  They gave me the following counsel to get back into a good head space:  

1.  Calendar like crazy

I thought that by having two days dedicated to working, my schedule was as organized and balanced as it could be but a friend and her business coach recommended I commit a dedicated portion of that time to meetings and the rest to gunning through my to-dos. Otherwise, travel time to meetings ends up chipping away at both days and you end up constantly frustrated or distracted by the hours gone.  

I downloaded this app to focus my days. 

2.  Set aside one hour for something non-kid/husband/work related

The trick to this one is that ideally, it should be the same thing every week - like reading a chapter in a book, a yoga or painting class, etc.  Having a sliver of time that you're learning again gives you something you can look forward to, draw inspiration from, use to re-center and gives a feeling of personal progress.  Progress begets progress meaning feeling accomplished in one area may drive more momentum and focus elsewhere.  

A friend shared this online class which is a low lift way to build an  hour of reflection into my week. 

3.  Drink water instead of wine (for a week)

Sluggishness can sometimes be the brain flagging you down.  While I think my calendar and mind needs some focusing, I could also make a case that my body is dragging me down a bit.  If nothing else, a bit of a conscious detox - whether it's moderating sugar or alcohol - creates a sense of doing right by your body and that level of intention starts to pull you out of the rut. 

What would you add to this list?  Are you feeling a burst of energy right now or feeling like you're still playing catch up? Would love to hear! xo

Featured Image via Jenni Kayne