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Natalie Gentile went from nannying a pair of little ones to teaching in a New York City preschool to becoming a mother and entrepreneur, founding a Brooklyn based business called King Kidlet. She translated her experience with different kids in their homes and schools to working with expecting families to compile the right products that work for their unique lifestyles.   Natalie and King Kidlet are working with Mother Untitled to bring some of their intel here.  She's starting with a list of picks for toys that balance aesthetics, safety, stimulation and education for kids from infancy through toddling.  You can find her favorites in that department below or shop the goods in M.U. Picked.  

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1. Kid O Stacking Cups Stacking cups are one of my favorite educational toys for kids under two years. There is so much that can be learned from a few plastic cups including the development of fine motor skills. The shape and colors of these cuties are what makes them so extra special. 

2. Haba Fruit Shopping Net Children learn through play and imitation which is why pretend toys are so important. I love these colorful wooden vegetables that come with a convenient bag for gathering. 

3. Usborne Touchy-Feely Books Reading books is obviously an incredible tool for encouraging language development and expanding a child’s vocabulary but it can be hard to get through an entire story with young children. Luckily, these books incorporate sensory materials on each page to keep children engaged from start to finish.

4. Cuddle and Kind Doll Dolls are great for social/emotional development and imaginative play. I love these dolls specifically because not only are they absolutely adorable but for each purchase, 10 meals are given to children in need. 

5. Cheengoo Donut Rattle These gorgeous rattles are each hand crocheted and made from sustainable materials. They are perfect for little hands, teething, and learning simple cause and effect. 

6. Taggies Crinkle Me Toy For babies, tags are the most coveted part of any toy. Not only does this multi-sensory toy incorporate plenty of them, there are also many textures, sounds, and patterns to keep them entertained and stimulated. 

7. Ooh Noo Wooden Blocks Learning to stack blocks is a fun developmental milestone and these wooden blocks are perfect for this next stage. I love their simplicity - your child’s imagination can go wild, while still incorporating the alphabet for an additional educational element. 

8. Ubbi squeeze n’ switch These fun bath toys can be mixed, matched, squeezed and separated after bath time to dry out and prevent the build up of mold. Not only does this toy spark creativity, it also promotes hand-eye coordination. 

9. Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano This musical toy really brings the fun to life with an interactive and colorful display. Music is great for self-expression and this toy adds an extra element of learning by helping children understand the relationship between cause and effect. 

What toys have been favorites in your home and have stood the test of time from infancy through toddlerdom?  We'd love you to add them to the list in the comments! xo

Featured Image via ooh noo