FlexJobs' 16 Top Companies | Work That Works For Mothers

In exploring and understanding the flexible work market, my takeaway to date is that companies that successfully offer and respect flexibility have to either truly value individual talent or have flexibility, family needs and supporting women at the heart of their organization. Small businesses and the creative industries are often where people assume these unicorns exist.  

FlexJobs, a jobs board and a resource for finding and navigating flexible work, surveyed over 1,100 Millennials (b 1981-2004) for their annual Super Survey. Unsurprisingly, especially for all of us for whom the Mother Untitled conversation feels relevant - 82% of those surveyed evaluate jobs for the ability to achieve balanced living and/or prioritize time with family.  The survey broke down results further to show that 85% want the ability to work remote and 75% would opt for a flexible schedule (i.e. a 3 day work week).  Based on the whole set of data crossed with an analysis on top companies' benefits and policies, FlexJobs compiled a list of the 16 best companies that value and create flexible work environments for men and women, equally: 

  1. Quicken Loans
  2. Zillow
  3. Wegmans
  4. Marriott
  5. Workday
  6. American Fidelity Insurance
  7. World Wide Technology
  8. CarMax
  9. TEKsystems
  10. St. Jude Children's Hospital
  11. Expedia
  12. VMware
  13. Adobe
  14. Nielsen
  15. Rackspace
  16. Autodesk

If you're actively in the market, Forbes, who originally published a post on the research and this list, suggests setting up a google alert for these companies to stay on top of their hiring opportunities.  

I say it's not just about these companies - times are changing and the names on these lists are large and in some cases, quite traditional, which means more and more women (and men) are advocating for their simultaneous desire to prioritize family with their ability to stay creative, productive and engaged.  Speaking from experience, it's amazing what a mother can get done in half a work week or during naps and nights.   

What companies would you add to this list? Add them in the comments! xo

Featured Image via Hatch Collection