Happy 2018 & Birthday to Bodie

Even though Mother Untitled didn't launch until January 10th of last year, this was my first post on Bodie's first birthday on New Years Day of 2017.  In one year he's grown into a curious, animated, focused and thoughtful little boy and I grew as a mother.  Watching the world through his big eyes has made me a more grateful and humble human which allows me to be able to create this site in a way I couldn't have without him.  So while his birthday is so personal to us as a family, I wanted to share the joy he brings to my world because it lets me be the woman you've gotten to know here. 

Thank you to Smitten Films for sharing your magic and giving us the most generous gift in this highlight reel of our first two years with Bodie.  We will play it many times over and remember how we got to witness this person grow.  

Hope everyone has a beautiful first day of 2018.  


P.S. The founder of Smitten Films is Lisa Ridd, one of our Another Mother Her Way profiles from this past year, whose love for making people smile and reflect truly comes through in her team's gorgeous work.