On Personal Branding And An Invite To Something Special

Via  Bluestone Lane  where we'll be hanging out Monday - details below! x

Via Bluestone Lane where we'll be hanging out Monday - details below! x

I've spent 10 years in brand work but I've written here about the mother who shifts her work to focus on family, being my biggest and most fascinating "re-brand" challenge.  But that's a collective exercise made up of lots of women - many of them in this community - and to some degree our personal brands are well, personal.  Owning and presenting what's true and important is something I'm constantly working on - especially in this chapter when my identity has shifted in such a tremendous way to make room for motherhood and subsequently, more creativity and connection.  

We shared yesterday about why we started Mother Untitled - to change the conversation about women choosing to pause or shift their work for motherhood to be more empowered and modern.  There are so many complexities to each choice in the space between motherhood and ambition but if it is your choice then it is by nature of you choosing, powerful.  We've talked about navigating how you present that choice before - these were three favorite topics: 

1.  Are You Good At Self-Promoting? 

2. 3 Mistakes I Make When Answering What Do You Do?

3. How To Get Your "Story" Down

To continue to contemplate this as a community, Mindr (described as the Ted Talks for the parenting world) is hosting Mother Untitled at the beautiful Bluestone Lane for a conversation about personal branding next Monday, January 15th.  I would absolutely love to meet you in person and if you want - your kids too!  Our favorite brand for elegant toys, Rose & Rex, will be inspiring play for any kids that come along. Our other favorites in modern nursing wear, Loyal Hana are handling gifting.  Basically an excuse to get wonderful women together.  More details and tickets here!  

Feature Image via Bluestone Lane