Mother Untitled's One Year Party

Last week we celebrated one year since Mother Untitled launched and the adventure of growing this conversation among this group.  That day, I wrote about what I've learned (here) and then got to gather and toast the women who have rallied around this corner of the universe.  There's something special about looking around a room and seeing your community in person.  But most humbling was watching the creative women who offered their time and talent to bring Mother Untitled to life.  


We cozied up at Maman TriBeCa, a space inspired by the gorgeous owner's mothers. I owe every bit of the vibe and vision for the evening to Laura Remmert who is known for her ease taking your ideas and her precision in interpreting them into design details. 


She teamed up with Denise Fasanello Floral who I've loved working with over and over again across other brands for her playful, sophisticated and laid-back feel both, in her presence and projects. 


Sara, owner of Ink Revival, a much loved upstate based calligraphy and design studio, hosted a watercolor table to remind all of us that we can all relax into this time in our life, learn something new and tap into our creativity.  And Amy Groom, perhaps the most elegant woman I know and founder of my luxury gifting go-to, Louelle. , gave each of our friends a bit of her brand to bring home to their babies. 


A special thank you to each of them and for all the women who showed up for us and believe in this conversation.  Here's to more to celebrate next year and women supporting women, always. 

019_MU_Jan2018_7490 (2).jpg


Featured Images by Jenny Groom for MU