My Go-To Baby Gift

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Don't you feel like now that you've lived it, you owe a new mother a particularly useful gift for those early days?  When one of my friends is expecting, I honestly just want to gift them sleep but in the absence of being able to do that I’ve been recently giving something to elevate the ordinary moments. 

So much of these early years happens in between the exciting milestones or Instagram worth adventures with family in tow.  The real magic happened for me when it was just Bodie and I and I got to really take him in.  Don't quote me on this, but sometimes when I'm feeling nostalgic I almost miss those middle of the night feedings (sometimes).  When the pressure was off, and the world was quiet and, it was just about being still.  

I still relish bedtime routine even if sometimes it's a bit exaggerated.  As I've watched him get older it's the consistent part of our days where it all slows around us and he wants comfort and calm and I feel like the luckiest human on earth for being his mother.  

These moments are so simple that they could happen anywhere but I was very intentional about creating his space at home that invited this bond.  Louelle., a Melbourne and New York-based luxury sleep and accessories line for our little ones, invited me to share my nursery so there are some sweet details over on their site (here).  

Louelle. happens to also be my recent go-to in gifts since last summer when I discovered the brand through my Aussie friends.  I've gotten really efficient at gifting in part because I have them on speed dial.  I tend to mix and match their sweet sleep sacks and play mats depending on my friends' style but they invited me to package my absolute favorites in a special gift box

Enjoying sleep and play was super important to me in that first year so I made the anchor piece in the box their latest quilted linen sleep sack that brings comfort and practicality into a stunning package complete with gold zip detail and buttons. The buttons aren't just cute, they actually allow you to adjust the size to last from infancy through the second year. I added to the Mother Untitled x Louelle. gift a super soft play mat that is lightweight and neutral and doubles as a quilt once the babe grows into a toddler.  Bodie loves being naked during play and I'm all for the next best thing - anything that feels close to that but still looks cute so I added this light cotton blouse (for girls) or sweet grey bloomers (for boys).   

I really find when I embed little moments of luxury - not in the sense of price but specialness, softness or design - into what feels routine, it automatically slows me down to take notice and enjoy it.  It goes by fast so I suppose in the end I actually want to gift a friend anything that lets her savour this time.  I'm so excited to send you over to Louelle. to see our first collaboration of this kind with the Mother Untitled Gift Set !

What's your favorite gift you received?  What's the gift you've felt most proud to give?  We'd love to hear! xo