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Co-founders of Werk, Annie Dean & Anna Auerbach (both mothers).

Co-founders of Werk, Annie Dean & Anna Auerbach (both mothers).

I was at The Wing this morning - the millennial pink hub for women working on their terms and time.  Propped up at entry was signage from Werk, a company on my mind for a while now for their initiatives in flexible work.  

Previously in this series, we've talked about Prokanga and The Second Shift, matchmakers between companies that benefit from project work and women who have skills and expertise that they want to share in a remote or flexible basis to allow for their role as mothers.  

Somewhat similarly, Werk hosts a vetted members club of ambitious men and women who want flexible work and offers them pre-negotiated company roles.  On the other side of the equation, Werk is collaborating with companies to better understand the value of flexibility, come to terms with the external culture and generational expectations and define a proper structure and offering for the unique organizations. 

Somewhere in between those two sides, I think they're really driving an education of the general public and a shift in the conversation.  Werk has a cool blog, gathering leaders to speak out about things like why the millennial generation is redefining work and correct the popular stigmas, like "lazy" and "entitled".  This post featuring Ann Shoket, prior editor in chief of Seventeen magazine was fun and well-written on that topic.

Beyond being a marketplace for the women in our Mother Untitled camp, I'd bet on Werk being a driving force in shifting the stigma around asking for space for motherhood.  

Have you used Werk?  What about other flexible work marketplaces?  If you work for a company, do they have a flexible work structure that you like? We'd love to hear! xo

Featured Image via Werk