A Resolution About Defining Your Own Standards


On January first, I was too consumed with relishing Bodie on his birthday to realize it was also the new year. Our nanny came back from holiday on the second and I finally processed that we’re in a new set of 365 days and I'm due for a resolution. 

I make tiny incremental changes that I often write about all year long - in my health, relationship, parenting style and mindset. So I wanted to commit to something for Mother Untitled that could give me more peace, headspace and clarity in the immediate. 

I’ve been really worried about Instagram. It sounds ridiculous. But growth slowed and likes dropped in December (a lot of people fault the new Insta algorithm but who knows). It really riled me up - I caught myself poring over it in a way that felt slightly vain and a lot neurotic. And ultimately detached from what Mother Untitled was all about when I launched close to a year ago. What has given me so much energy is putting face and voice to the choice as an ambitious woman to put motherhood first for a period of time.  As the conversation and idea has expanded I got more caught up with making it “big”. But big and genuine occasionally clash in early days and anything that causes unhealthy stress clashes with who I want to be at home with Bodie and my husband - which, full circle, is why I chose to embrace the title of Mother first. 

So I commit to staying true to my own standard. To worrying less about making it big and more about making it feel right. Here’s to creating a year that will leave me feeling peaceful and proud.

What were your resolutions? I'd love to hear and maybe we can all hold each other accountable to defining our own standards. xo

Image by Jenny Gorman for Mother Untitled