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Currently browsing  HomePolish projects  and loving  this one , photos by  Amy Bartlam

Currently browsing HomePolish projects and loving this one, photos by Amy Bartlam

1.  Because we all need a laugh.  The real motivation for the dad who famously Instagrams his baby in dangerous places. 

2. Since we don't have hours to spare - self-care pick-me-ups that are effective in 15 minutes.

3. Melinda Gates on why we need to do more to fund women around the world.

4. Eight ways to give yourself a little professional boost whether you're at home, working or somewhere in between. 

5. The only article I've ever re-read.  This one is a follow up with Joanna Goddard (my favorite blogger)'s sister who lost her husband and the relationship she's starting with a widower. 

6. A new brand that I'm falling in love with that makes fertility fun and honest

Happy weekend xo

Featured Image via Home Polish, photographed by Amy Bartlam