The Power of Essential Oils for Pregnancy & Postpartum Healing



I started using essential oils when my sister recommended them to help manage emotions enduring my first New York City winter. Soon after, I turned to them as a less toxic alternative for cleaning and beauty products. However, I didn’t take essential oils seriously for personal health support until after the birth of my first son. I’m now the mother of two boys.

The difference in my pregnancies and postpartum periods was remarkable - thanks in part to the power of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Because they offer a range of benefits, they are perfect for daily use during pregnancy and postpartum when your systems are in a state of rapid changes, rejuvenation, and stress.

Here are nine recommended essential oils, their uses and benefits:

Frankincense – I used Frankincense for immune and cellular support by placing one drop under my tongue morning and evening. You can also apply to the bottoms of your feet if you prefer not to take internally. Frankincense is known to lessen stress and trauma, promote healing, and ease the effects of depression whether diffused or applied directly to the body. In pregnancy, combine with myrrh to reduce appearance of stretch marks.

Grounding Blend – My favorite, magical oil for all the stressful things. I apply this blend to the bottoms of my feet in the morning to calm nerves and relax my mind. I also diffused this blend with citrus oils in the delivery room for tranquility and good energy.

Copaiba – I put one drop under my tongue morning and evening to help support healthy immune, cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems. Copaiba was also helpful in post-birth pain management. This one is a workhorse!

Peppermint – Relieves digestive upsets, supports memory, and energizes. I like to put a drop in my hands, inhale, then give myself a mini scalp massage to increase alertness and add a little pep in my exhausted step.

Lavender – The jack of all trades, it’s handy to keep on hand. Use to calm mood, reduce irritability, and alleviate sleeplessness – for you or baby. Try spraying linens with a mixture of lavender and water or diffuse before bedtime. Postpartum, apply to your breasts/nipples to prevent/heal sore nipples and clogged ducts.

Wild Orange – Great to diffuse in combination with peppermint and/or grounding blend to energize, lift mood, and improve concentration. Tired of sugary drinks? Add a drop or two to your water for a refreshing taste and gentle cleanse!

Digestive Blend – You know that jingle: nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach? These frustrating and sometimes embarrassing digestive issues can be soothed by applying this blend, containing peppermint and ginger, near the heart and abdomen.

Soothing Blend – Sooth crushing leg cramps, back pain, headaches, and just generally sore muscles with this one. I loved mixing the oil with lotion and having my husband massage whatever was hurting.

Women’s Blend – Soothing and balancing to my hormones, I applied at pulse points (neck, wrists, behind ears), to alleviate uterine pains and fluctuating emotions.

Taylor is a mother, DoTerra Essential Oils Advocate, and Founder of Palmettos & Sunshine