What's In Our Hospital Bag for Baby #2

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I’m somewhere past 38 weeks over here and we’re finally focused on preparing for this little one.  Just as I wanted with my first birth experience, I want my hospital stay to feel as calm & thoughtful as the nursery because really that is our first shared space together as a new family. In retrospect, I was a bit excessive the first time around so this time we limited ourselves to one shared suitcase based on what we really needed. Here’s my bag including notes on what we’ve cut this time around.


What we’re not bringing this time: a diffuser, coconut water, birthing ball, Jawbone speakers, DSLR camera, baby book & ink pad for footprints. I found ice chips and water to be more favorable than lugging several Raw Waters, we swapped the diffuser for a portable blend and the iphone X camera and speakers make anything else irrelevant. The nurses will give you footprints on their own cards that you can bring home and save or add to a baby book on your own time.  

What we are bringing:

  1. Pretty Pushers labor gown - this made me feel a little bit more put together pre and post labor and comes at a price point that you’re fine to toss after the dirty work is done (I get it in black).

  2. Pembrook skid proof socks - For walking about the L&D room and keeping you cozy.

  3. Native Honey Sticks - You’re not allowed to eat solids but honey sticks make the cut and kept my energy up.

  4. S’Well water bottles (2) - One for Dan & one for me. The trick to skipping the aforementioned special drinks is to keep water very cold and fresh.

  5. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm - Lips do get chapped from all the extra breath work and I was sensitive to smells but this felt clean and soft.

  6. Clary Calm Roll On Blend - Last time we diffused a mix of oils, this time I’m bringing my much smaller cure-all that I put on my palms and neck and feet to help manage the discomfort and stress.

  7. Moisture-Wicking Headbands - These sit tight and spare you fussing with fly aways during and reduces the sweaty hairline to fix on the other side.


What we’re not bringing this time: our own pillows & towels, a nursing pillow, snacks and my robe.  As lovely as it is to have these comforts of home, I was totally fine with our hospital bedding, the nurses who helped me get a hang of nursing were happy to prop me up on pillows and all our visitors brought snacks. The robe just felt like a bulky add the last time over pajamas.

What we are bringing:

  1. Eberjey Gisele Sleepshirts (2) - These are super soft and come in dark colors which I would highly reccommend to give you some coverage from leaks and stains. The buttons make for easy access while you bond or nurse.

  2. Fruit of the Loom boy shorts in one or two sizes larger - These are a bit more comfortable than the hospital panties but equally affordable and roomy to give you space for those necessary pads and peace of mind when you need to toss one.

  3. Kindred Bravely Nursing Sleep Bras - I find these the comfiest to sleep in because there’s no extra stiffness just soft support which you’ll appreciate as your milk comes in and you grow.

  4. UGG slippers - These feel so good on your feet while being sturdy and secure as you get moving on the day after delivery and do your hourly walks up and down the halls.

  5. Boob Nursing Tanks (2) - I have these in black and white so they pair easily with whatever cardigan(s) you want to add to your bag. They’re roomy in the tummy since your stomach will still look like you’re 6 months pregnant but have an easy access panel to nurse.

  6. Blanqui High Waist PostPartum Leggings (2) - I was usually in pajamas but just make sure to have a couple of pairs of these on hand in case one gets messy and you want a fresh set for the ride home.

  7. Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter - The hospital will likely give you Lansinoh nipple cream but the Earth Mama brand healed the rawness as my chest adjusted to a little person clamping on.

  8. Lansinoh Nursing Pads - To spare yourself from packing an excessive number of bras, these provide a bit of buffer as your milk comes in.

  9. Toiletries - We did a Duane Reade/CVS travel size sweep of the basics and the only specialty things I packed were my Herbivore face oil, RMS bronzer and BeautyCounter mascara for visits.

  10. Pajamas and two changes of clothes for Dan.

  11. Tote bag for Bodie - We filled it with snacks and small activities for his visit with us and a gift for him from his baby sister. We won’t be bringing this to the hospital and instead left this in a closet so his grandparents can bring it to us

Going Home

What we’re not bringing this time: Extra tote for hospital freebies, pacifiers and a car seat (have one of your visitors bring during your stay).

What we are bringing: 

  1. Two going home outfits - We packed zip up footed pajamas and two sweet and soft hats for our little girl.

  2. Clothes for us to return home in - I’ve packed my favorite nursing friendly Loyal Hana sweater to wear over Blanqui leggings

  3. Little Giraffe chenille blanket - Pending the weather you can spare yourself from struggling outerwear on your little one and pack a blanket to tuck around them in to their car seat.

  4. Pampers Pure diapers (5) - The hospital will likely provide through your whole stay and your departure but for peace of mind I like to have a handful on the ready.

Did you swear by anything for your hospital stay? Would love to hear!