A Natural Skincare Routine for Pregnant Skin

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by Chelsea Becker, Editorial contributor

If you’ve experienced going to the doctor when newly pregnant and them saying that you basically need to throw away your entire skincare arsenal, I feel you. I was actually an active clean beauty user before getting knocked up, but there were definitely a few adjustments I needed to make (like pausing my retinol and my eyelash growth serum). And I’ll be honest, I needed to finally toss a few chemically-packed products.

The problem wasn’t replacing my products - it was finding non-toxic ones that actually handled the many skin issues pregnancy brought with it. Like little whiteheads everywhere, hormonomal acne the size of pennies, and the flakiest skin of my life. Fun stuff!

After serious trial and error, I finally feel secure saying I’ve reached a natural skincare routine made for pregnant skin + its woes. Which I’m excited to share today!

Before I jump into that routine, one note: Make clean beauty easy. If you have zero idea where to start on the whole natural journey, let companies do the heavy lifting. Personally, I love Credo Beauty for online shopping and the subscription box Art of Organics as a little monthly treat to myself - both companies only sell truly clean beauty. Once you find brands your skin jives with, try more from the same line. This post will help clarify clean beauty, too.

OK and now onto the routine! It’s simple, I promise.

Morning - SPF: If you aren’t wearing SPF 24/7 yet, pregnancy is the time to start. With melasma and skin discoloration being such a common issue for those of us expecting, you want to protect your skin as much as possible. This daytime lotion is lux, hydrating, and it has SPF. I carry it with me and reapply every few hours if I’m out in the sun - but always in the morning before makeup.

Night - Cleanse: I was told years ago to stop washing my face in the morning, as cleansing 2x a day was stripping oils and drying out my skin. That didn’t change with pregnancy, but my facialist did urge me to clean it really, really, well at night. I’ve been using Osmia Organics Black Clay bar since being pregnant, and I can’t say enough. It’s made with black clay, Dead Sea mud, and botanical oils to balance, cleanse and tone your skin. AKA it does a lot at once. It’s super nourishing but also has ingredients to help sooth redness and remove flakes - both things that were plaguing my pregnant skin.

Morning and night - Face Oil: A good face oil is LIFE when pregnant, mainly because the good ones can give it so much nourishment in one dose. Enter my favorite: Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil. Neha and I both agree - this stuff is liquid gold for pregnant skin. It’s especially amazing for complexions that need healing. Created with blue tansy, which dilutes redness and clarifies, and jojoba oils, which helps product absorb into skin, it’s like a drink of nutrients for skin going through a lot. If your skin is freaking out with hormones, try massaging this into your skin for a couple minutes morning and night.

Night - Moisturize: At night, after I use the Lapis Oil, I lather on moisturizer. (Usually I do a face oil last since it’s thickest, but because I want the Lapis to soak directly into my skin and it serves more as a serum, I do it first.) One Love makes this simple moisturizer that feels like heaven going on. My skin eats this up and it helps with the itchiness on the face (or anywhere on your body, like neck, chest + hands especially).

1-2x a week - Clarify: Face mask tiiiime. This is one of my favorite ways to introduce self love into your pregnant life. When you’re pregnant, your hormones are in over drive (obviously), and this can lead to pores getting clogged in a way like never before. If you suffer from the same acne and bumps that I did, a mask should be part of your weekly routine. Tata Harper always makes beautiful products, but this clarifying mask is especially fantastic with pregnant skin. Yogurt Probiotics balance skin’s “flora” to help reintroduce your skin’s natural, healthy looking state. The White Clay component sucks up buildup without drying you out.

1-2x a week - Hydrate…again: If you’re pregnant during fall/winter, you’re probably wanting all. the. moisture. This hydrating mask is one you can sleep in - so busy mamas will love this! I apply it after the Lapis and moisturizer and wake up feeling like a new woman. Just don’t use it on the same night as other face masks - you don’t want to overdue your skin.

That’s it! You can also use eye cream which I’d recommend after the oil, but my eyes have been insanely sensitive during pregnancy. I’ve skipped using the cream for now, and will hopefully reintroduce it once baby arrives - and when I’ll really need it. I also swear by Herbivore’s Rose Lip Conditioner day and nighttime use.

Do you use clean beauty products? What’s been your favorite during pregnancy?

Chelsea Becker is a San Francisco based writer, creator of becker editorial, and on the editorial team at MU. She’s expecting her first child this spring.