3 Mothers on Flexing | Another Mother Her Way Lookback

With the new year approaching, we wanted to fill the last of 2018’s Fridays with an intentional flashbacks on our Another Mother Her Way series. Because as with motherhood, without a time to pause, reflect and learn from the past, it can all go by in a flash.

For the next three Fridays, starting today, we’ll be sharing 3 moms from the AMHW tribe who beautifully represented one of three things: flexing, building a business/freelancing and pausing to have more time for family. While the entire series surrounds ambitious, creative and kind women, these are just three who have uniquely journeyed through one of the topics covered in these lookbacks.

First up, 3 who shared their story on flexing to create space for motherhood.


Donna Ladd, originally featured September 2018


For anyone who has met Donna Ladd in person, her value for her mom-tribe as described in her feature won’t come as a surprise. As soon as you meet, you want her in your own corner because of her openness, kindness and humor. Within minutes, we had spoken about her adoption process with her second son which she speaks about with equal parts gratitude and honesty. She brings the same to her conversation on the choices she made in her editorial career to make room for the early years with her children and the constant learning in motherhood, especially now with two children at the pre-teen and toddler stages.

Caitlin Fisher, originally featured February 2017


Caitlin Fisher has classic lady-like taste, visible on her popular lifestyle blog and gorgeous Instagram,  but her take on motherhood and balance is as modern as it gets. After graduating from Stanford, she stayed in California to build her career in merchandising and fashion. After having her daughter, Grace, just 18 months after having her son, Beau, Caitlin had to reconcile a coveted job opportunity with her want for more time and space to be with her children. Read about her challenging choice and creative path that keeps her impactful in the industry while letting her fully embrace motherhood right here. PS Caitlin added a beautiful boy to her bunch since we originally posted.

Olivia Metzger, originally featured January 2018

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Even though Olivia Metzger and I have family friends in common, I found myself a tad intimidated getting on the phone. Before being personally introduced, I knew Olivia as @livviejane, beloved in the Instagram mother community for the little square windows into her sweet life in Chicago with her two boys (since press she’s welcomed a third!). Luckily for me, more sweetly, she has a thoughtful and honest sensibility that comes through immediately in real life. Before Olivia embraced motherhood in a way many admire, she was getting her Masters at Northwestern following  starting a career in education in New York after her undergraduate years at Yale.  She is as wonderfully open below as she was with me, about relaxing the expectations on herself to focus this time on raising her sons, keeping herself in the game through flexible work in a therapy practice and caring for herself through connection and creativity, Instagram included. 

Thank you to all of the mothers who have so graciously dedicated your time and words to the AMHW series. Next week, we’ll hone in on three who have a unique journey of building a business or freelancing.