MU Picked · Winter Skincare Essentials

East Coast winter has officially graced us, and add to that I’m sleeping in our newborn’s nursery where the heat is higher than my personal ideal sleep situation. My usually easy skin is showing signs of fatigue that my moisturizer isn’t solving. To upgrade my skincare regimen to get through the long nights and longer months ahead, I asked Liz, our style contributor whose skin is as consistently polished as she is, to share her product arsenal below.

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As usual, you can browse the list below or in the MU Picked shop where we gather all our favorites for balanced living in motherhood. 

  1. Anything with rose has soothing and calming properties (you'll notice it in a lot of my product suggestions!). I apply this Ren Rose Defense Serum every morning after my toner and before my lotion. It also gives a nice healthy glow. If you know you're going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, apply it again throughout the day. Added bonus: REN is a clean skincare brand. No toxins, cruelty or waste.

  2. During the winter months, I also start using a cleansing foam as my face wash. It’s more delicate on your skin. I started using La Mer Cleansing Foam this winter, and love it.

  3. This French Rose Face Mask is a really quick way to give your skin a shot of hydration. It can be applied daily and left on for 5-10 minutes, so it’s easy. It feels cool on our skin and is different than most of my other masks because it’s a gel formula.

  4. This Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Oil is my current obsession! Overnight is the best time to load up your skin with hydration. I apply 6 drops after cleanser and toner then…

  5. I found that this oil cream, applied after my Caudalie Overnight Oil, locks in moisture Darphin's Intral (pink) line is great for sensitive/irritated skin in general, which winter can provoke.

  6. This Dr. Barbara Sturm face mask is definitely a splurge purchase, but I notice the effects of it right after it’s washed off. My skin immediately looks healthy and brighter. Also, for extra hydration, try sleeping in the mask overnight.

  7. I use this Hourglass primer to give my under-eye an extra boost before applying concealer. I find it helps to blend the concealer and doesn't let the product dry out throughout the day.

  8. This Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a great last step post-makeup application. It boots radiance, tightens pores and sets your makeup.

  9. The face isn't the only skin looking for hydration in the winter months. I use this Kiehl’s Smoothing Oil-to-Foam Body Cleanser when my skins feels extra dry and needs a little extra pick-me-up. I always try new products in the travel size initially, which you can get right here!

Liz Yingst is a New York-based mother, fashion buyer & stylist, and contributor to the MU community. See her picks for cozy cream sweaters here

Featured Image of the Fresh Rose Face Mask.