3 Mothers on Pausing | Another Mother Her Way Lookback

With the new year approaching, we wanted to fill the last of 2018’s Fridays with an intentional flashbacks on our Another Mother Her Way series. Because as with motherhood, without a time to pause, reflect and learn from the past, it can all go by in a flash.

Starting last week and continuing next Friday, we’ll be sharing 3 moms from the AMHW tribe who beautifully represented one of three things: flexing, building a business/freelancing and pausing to have more time for family. While the entire series surrounds ambitious, creative and kind women, these are just three who have uniquely journeyed through one of the topics covered in these lookbacks.

Below, 3 who shared their story on pausing to create space for motherhood and the complexity around their choices coupled with the opportunities they unlocked.


Cristina Toff, Originally Featured May 2018


Cristina Toff is a sincere breath of fresh air in a city that can feel like everyone's trying to move onward and upward.  She prides herself on really getting to know people which comes through in every interaction. Her true care translates to her work via a laundry list of roles caring for women - as a doula, lactation consultant, La Leche League leader, co-founder of The Milk Source and on a project called The Motherhood Common. Before having her son Noam (and since original press another son, Ira), she worked full-time in tech, and her sharp skill-set is still evident to anyone who follows along with her on social media. As a mother to a little boy and with another on the way at the time, Cristina and I talked about what it's really like to commit this chapter of life to prioritizing motherhood over all else. Read her genuine take on the shifts she made when expecting her first, what she was planning on doing differently the second time around, and her view on diligently protecting boundaries and mental health during this precious time. 

Betsy Parton, originally featured February 2017


I met Betsy Parton at the Soho House in Meatpacking and as soon as she walked in, she stood out from the black clad New Yorkers.  She had the expected sophistication and smarts but layered with a genuine sunniness (she graduated from USC and I'm pretty sure that's a prerequisite). After two years in non-profit work, she did a legit ladder climb from temp worker to Global brand management at Mattel, working on the classic favorites from Barbie to Polly Pocket. But my takeaway from our time together was her ease and honesty in talking about her decision to pause that incredible career trajectory to focus on family and raise her daughter, Liv Louise. Read her feature about how Betsy grew comfortable and confident shifting priorities from career to motherhood for this "season in her life", as she so nicely describes it.  

Julia Eisenstein, originally featured January 2018


I met Julia Eisenstein at a one-year-old birthday. Somehow in the midst of beautiful chaos, she can make you feel like the only person in the room by her way of listening - really listening (even though she's going to say in her feature that she's working on that). She's nurturing, positive and honest. She's also deeply embedded in the modern motherhood conversation, as a partner and Director of Brand Development in Loyal Hana, a line of clothing for maternity and nursing. I know Loyal Hana for many of the qualities of Julia's - supportive of women, keenly attentive to needs in these early years and design-forward.  I think we can all take something from Julia's openness about letting go of some of her spontaneity for structure in parenting, growing comfortable pausing for motherhood, and trusting that time and eventually finding her way to her role in Loyal Hana. 

Thank you to all of the mothers who have so graciously dedicated your time and words to the AMHW series. Next week, we’ll hone in on three who have a unique journey of building a business or freelancing.