Mother Lovin' Goals

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by Daniella Rabbani, Honest motherhood contributor

2019 is on her way and I’m about it. 

Here come my resolutions:

1. Practice, every day, the notion that being gentle with myself and my loved ones (yes, even Bernardo, the dog who won’t stop barking) with gentleness will get me much much farther than sternness ever has. This month, I embarrassed myself at how rattled I was by a few consecutive days of tantrums and while Ness (finally) napped, I hit up my mommy friends: “SOS!” Their loving response was to be MORE PLAYFUL, funnier, sillier than ever when met with intense resistance. It has worked so brilliantly. More than anything, I like myself again in these situations. It’s been a big lesson for me - what if in tough situations, even with myself/ my ego/ my resistance, I offered humor?! 

2. Create a daily, weekly and monthly flow and employ Hubs/ Grandma/ Mother’s Helper to facilitate. I realize that my kid thrives on a schedule. And so do I. (WHO KNEW?). This year, I’d love to block schedule which always felt so rigid and unattainable for me given my lifestyle but I’m coming to value it in my adulthood! Saturday night date night! Wednesday night girl time or special time between myself and my creativity. A standing appointment at my fave workout studio. All so that I can take the guesswork out. Guesswork creates a lot of mind chatter, am I right?! 

3.  Dishes. Those suckers can really pile up and it stinks. Literally. So in 2019 my challenge to myself (oh god help me) is to do the dishes before they collect. So when I hit my head to my pillow every night, I know I’ve done that.  (Oh boy. Now that’s on the internet.) My plan is to implement a new habit EVERY MONTH and this’ll be habit 1/12. That kind of gentle, playful nudging is what I’m about now. 

That’s it. 

I’ve got enough on my plate that listing out anymore goals other than the ones above would just feel shitty. And I’m about feeling good so I can do more good. 

What’s on tap for you in the new year?

Daniella Rabbani is a Brooklyn based actress and the honest motherhood contributor to the MU community. Her full time gig is mama to Ness. 

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