3 Mothers on Freelancing & Starting a Business | Another Mother Her Way Lookback

With the new year just days away, we wanted to fill the last of 2018’s Fridays with an intentional flashbacks on our Another Mother Her Way series. Because as with motherhood, without a time to pause, reflect and learn from the past, it can all go by in a flash.

We’ve shared moms from the AMHW tribe who beautifully represented one of three things: flexing, pausing to have more time for family, and today, building a business/freelancing. While the entire series surrounds ambitious, creative and kind women, these are just three who have uniquely journeyed through one of the topics covered in these lookbacks.

Below, 3 who shared their story on freelancing or building a business as they embarked on motherhood and the career shifts that came from it.


Anelise Salvo, originally featured April 2018

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Anelise and I were connected by a mutual friend who saw this Instagram post of hers and thought it was so very MU.  I got over my initial bout of intimidation that this might possibly be the coolest person I've chatted to and we hopped on a call and quickly broke through the small talk. Anelise is an incredibly talented designer whose perspective I love for her candor on choosing a career path that would afford her the lifestyle she wanted. She and her husband now spend the summer season in Lake Tahoe and the rest of the year traveling with their son, Costa.  In her feature, she talks about structuring a work week specifically around a set number of hours to let her be the mother she wants to be, the unexpected gift of intention in her work and a wish for presence in this season of life.  

Alex Zeplain, originally featured June 2018


Alex Zeplain is actually the poster child for self-care.  She launched her healthy lady, happy baby campaign this past May to circulate the conversation that self-care isn't a luxury or fad but vital to ensuring healthy families. The campaign was a powerful extension of her community, Hello My Tribe, which she was prompted to start after her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, one year into motherhood. Alex writes here about her experience taking a pause from her marketing career to have and raise her son and finding her balance in an entrepreneurial journey that allows her to give to herself, her family and a growing tribe of women.  

Jacqueline Courtney, originally featured September 2017

Jacqueline Courtney's reputation preceded her before our breakfast date. I was told she was super sharp and had turned down the offer she got on Shark Tank to fund her business, Nearly Newlywed - a global marketplace for preowned wedding dresses and accessories. So prior to the meeting, I chugged two coffees assuming I'd need them to keep up.  But her warmth and humility match her smarts and our hours of chat seamlessly shifted from the culture of entrepreneurship to the grit and gorgeousness of the first year of motherhood to life adventures and travels. I wanted Jacqueline's take on having had her business before her son, Ryan, and what's changed since.  Read her down-to-earth and loving view on having those two babies side by side and what the weighty buzzy words - "balance" and "hustle" - look like in real life. 

Thank you to all of the mothers who have so graciously dedicated your time and words to the AMHW series. We’re looking forward to continuing the series in 2019!