Books To Celebrate Love With Kids


Written by Heidi Fiedler, a mother, editor creating special picture and chapter books for children and contributor to the Mother Untitled community.


One of my favorite ways to soothe my son to sleep is to whisper, “You are safe. You are loved.” It’s what we all want for our children. And reading can be a special way to help our kids know they are safe and loved, especially when we read books that celebrate love in all its many forms. Below is a collection of books I hope will inspire some cozy, heartfelt moments with your little ones. I’ve also included a few questions at the end that might prompt discussions for your family once the reading is done. Enjoy! 

Bunny Roo, I Love You

This is one of our favorite board books, whatever the season. The illustrations are sweet, and the author has perfectly captured all the different ways our beloved babies remind us of wild animals. 

This Is Not a Valentine

Perfect for boys or anyone else on your list who refuses to get all ooey gooey about Valentine’s Day, this book is not a valentine. Except it kind of is, of course, because it’s written by the clever and wise Carter Higgins, who knows exactly how much lovey dovey talk kids can handle. 


With a new picture book that’s sure to become a classic, Newbery Medal winner Matt de la Peña takes an honest look at all the ways we can find love in our modern world. 

Hug Machine

Celebrating the power of hugs and those who give them with abandon, this picture book about a boy on a mission to hug everyone and everything in his path is as sweet as it is silly. 

XO, OX: A Love Story

Older readers will giggle at the unrequited love story of Ox and Gazelle. Told through a series of love letters, you’ll be talking about this book long after bedtime has passed.  

I Love You Already!

Irrepressible Duck and long-suffering Bear are unlikely but everlasting friends. Each book in this funny series celebrates their opposites-attract friendship in ways every kid will recognize. And if you want to continue the fun, sing along to the song Emily Arrow wrote about this book! 

Love Is a Truck

This graphic board book is a boy-friendly follow up to Love Is a Tutu. With wordplay and the power of observation, both books encourage readers to be mindful of the small, subtle differences that make life so lovely. 

Discussion Prompts:

What makes you feel loved? 

How do you show people you love them? 

Who do we know that may need some extra love right now? 

Is there enough love for everyone? 

How can we make our home feel more loving?

Do you have Valentine's Day traditions with your families?  Books or activities that you would add to this list?  We would love to hear. xo

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash