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Gregg Renfrew, courtesy of  BeautyCounter

Gregg Renfrew, courtesy of BeautyCounter

BeautyCounter has come up among our community previously but typically in the context of our clean beauty discussions, which is proving to be of growing interest as we all try to use this time in our life to take better care of ourselves and create safe environments for our families.

But the brand also comes up a lot in the personal mail and messages we get from followers and readers who mention that BeautyCounter has allowed them to create their own small business from home. Friends continue to describe it as an option to allow them to work for a movement they believe in, define their own goals to afford them flexibility and continue to learn and feel creative. The women who have written us come from city and suburbs in Connecticut, Ohio, Chicago, Boston and Texas. The market is only getting bigger, and BeautyCounter allows women across the country access to work for a brand that would otherwise be limited to a typically coastal city hub.  

Similar to the persona of the stay at home mother which we are committed to rebrand, there is still a residual stigma about direct sales or specifically, network marketing sales. Women mention it conjures up the image of Tupperware parties and Avon door to door sales.  In contrast, BeautyCounter has emerged as a more modern player.

Gregg Renfrew, founder of the brand and movement, and I went to the same business school, and she was a generous mentor in the community. She's positive about the pauses she's taken. She's a believer in her product, and she shares that passion with the women who she brings into the organization at every level. Subsequently, women who represent BeautyCounter are called consultants because so much of the sales process is about educating their communities about the industry, the lack of regulation on beauty products and the shift toward clean beauty.  Women in their salesforce develop their own creative strategies including growing their teams. Digital is a huge element and BeautyCounter empowers their consultants with digital tools and offers resources to learn as much as they can to make their businesses more efficient and effective.  

As more women in this generation choose to pause or shift away from the traditional workplace to find their version of balance, the women-led businesses reinventing network sales are an option of flexible and purposeful work that play a significant role in a changing culture of women supporting women.  

For more details, you can pop over to BeautyCounter.

Do you work for BeautyCounter?  What's been your experience? Thank you to everyone who wrote us behind the scenes to share their love for the brand. xo