A Reminder During The Tug of War


We've been traveling since last week - first, for Bodie's first ski trip to Deer Valley, and now, for a visit to my parents in the Bay.  While my usual weeks are quite compartmentalized with two days a week being wholly committed to work and meetings, during holidays I'm squeezing work in when I can.  Bodie's acutely aware of the moments I try and sneak off and get some emails done and today he found me in my dad's office, literally said, "pull", and took my hand away to guide me back to play from the computer.  

That tug of war felt real and intense for that moment and then I remembered this. It put me in touch with my choice or rather set of choices to allow this time to be more flexible. To lean into parenting and let him be a key area of focus that is more than worthy of attention. 

I was conscious of sharing this quote as it doesn't mean the other work isn't good and worthwhile, but it gives me, in this chapter of life, a bit of clarity at these little junctures during a day where the priorities cross paths.  

If you're a full time mother, work from home mother or entrepreneur alongside motherhood how do you handle these little intersections between your to-dos and children? What's your philosophy to those moments?  I'd love to hear xo