International Women's Day & Mindr's World's Largest Mama Meet-Up

I've talked about Mindr before - here, here and here - because Sarah Lux-Lee (Mindr's Founder) and her team do a lot for the local community of mothers to gather us around intellectual conversations alongside our kids.  On March 8th, 2018, International Women's Day, Mindr and the United Nations Foundation's Global Moms Challenge are taking the Mindr mission of creating more inclusive environments for mothers to the next level by co-hosting what they've dubbed as the World's Biggest Mama Meet-up.

I can't wait to join at their flagship meet up at The United Nations next Thursday but I also love their rallying cry for women to gather their friends wherever they are to celebrate the power in our communities of mothers. 

So much of Mother Untitled came from the creativity and connectedness I felt because of the mothers I met in early years alongside Bodie.  The idea of celebrating at this scale those relationships and illuminating the real perspectives, ideas and action that come about in those gatherings is a special reminder of what's possible when women come together. 

From the team at Mindr - here's how you get involved.

  1. Spread the word. Share the #MAMAMEET2018 video and encourage all the mamas in your life to get involved!
  2. Plan your meet-up. Are you a mama? Become a #MAMAMEET2018 Ambassador by planning a gathering (online or off, with one friend or one hundred!), or join a planned meetup. Are you an organization or group? Plan an event in your workspace or with your network. Love mamas and unsure how to become involved? We need you, too! Host or join a meetup and play an important role in this global movement.
  3. Tell us how you're going to participate using the hashtag #MAMAMEET2018.
  4. Meet! Around the world, we'll all be meeting up on March 8th and being part of to a global #MAMAMEET2018 conversation about how mamas can harness our power to lead the way to a better future. If you're in NYC, join the flagship event at the United Nations.
  5. Be counted. Share photos and experiences using #MAMAMEET2018 or by email, and tell us how many people were in your group and what you discussed. We'll add you to the tally for the World's Biggest Mama Meetup!

Cover Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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