A Simple Way To Use Instagram To Learn


When I stepped away from the formal workplace, I started coming up with little routines to keep up with the general state of the state.  

Social media, retail, brands and consumers are changing so quickly that for anyone interested in those areas professionally or personally, finding a few companies doing it right and watching their stories unfold can be a simpler, low-lift exercise to keep learning.  

Examining their messaging can say a lot about culture, their product and product developments tell about consumer preferences and how they use social media to grow can often be a great lesson in how to use the constantly evolving platform.  

I recently put together a list to learn and thought I'd share with you as a starting point! All of the below are mother founded which adds an extra element of motivation in following along and watching their growth.  

1.  Gathre - The bonded leather playmats are beautiful and functional which started them off well but the year old company has had incredible growth in part because of their strategic, sweet collaborations and collections designed with beloved established brands like Studio McGee and Rylee & Cru. 

2.  Minnow Swim - This gorgeous swimwear line for kids cut the character clutter with a more elevated palette and pattern.  The founder worked formerly in PR which I think has served them so well as they have grown swiftly and generated loads of beautiful press.  

3. Babàa Knitwear  - A Spanish line of chunky knits for mothers and children that I see popping up everywhere from Courtney Adamo's divine Instagram feed to A Cup of Jo.  Who doesn't want what they have?? 

4. Pehr Designs - The line of home goods from baskets to rugs has neutral patterns that blend with the modern taste palette.  This one was founded a bit prior to the first three but has been fun to keep an eye on to watch how they've evolved and expanded their product line.

5.  French Girl Organics - This brand is one I wish I bought on Etsy first.  Now it sells on Goop among other sophisticated retailers though I still think it's reasonably priced on the clean beauty spectrum. This is such a beautiful representation of life and entrepreneurship, more specifically, being a long game.  The line first sold on Etsy in 2010 and seven years later began to generate the press and adoption.  There's a lot of truth and humility in the founder story which she keeps simple even now.

Are there brands you like to follow?  Do you find value in following a few?  xo