The Novelty Of Being Alone In Your Own Home


When was the last time you were alone in your own house?  Bringing in a sitter, getting everyone settled and leaving for a meeting or date night is a luxury but I've discovered this new incredible indulgence in walking around my kitchen with no one to take care of.  Or sitting on the couch and working through email because the house is quietly emptied of distractions. 

A few weeks ago, Dan suggested going to the grocery store which is a novel enough concept in our house where Instacart (on demand grocery delivery) reigns among our favorite tools.  He took Bodie with him as an outing and no less than two hours later they showed up at the door with flowers in hand for me and full of stories about what they found.  

Since the beginning of March, Dan and Bodie go every Saturday afternoon after his nap and get home right before dinner time so we can all unload groceries together and start cooking.  Beyond the sweetness that they thoroughly enjoy it and come home with random goodies that we would never otherwise think to buy in an app (most recently Hazelnut Pirouettes!), I feel a different kind of rested by having solo weekend time.

If you'd believe it, I resisted this plan for ages.  Time the three of us feels so precious I wanted to do every activity, no matter how mundane, together. In speaking to girlfriends, I'm not alone in that though the ones who've discovered and embraced the art of the partner & kid(s) weekend errand are equally thrilled with it.

Time the three of us is yes, precious, and it's so natural to want to protect it, but carving out a little corner of the weekend for you feels like a throwback to younger days. 

What little errand adventure would your partner and kids enjoy? Do you already have routines like this?  If not, try it, enjoy it and report back!