3 Podcasts To Keep Your Creative Mind At Work


Do you listen to podcasts?  For anyone who follows along on Instagram stories, you know that I have subpar music taste mostly because I'm just not a music or radio person. I always wanted to be but it's not something I get energy from. So when podcasts cropped up it wasn't my natural instinct to tune in.  A friend pointed me to Goop's new podcast and I bit because as she sold that episode in particular, it was Oprah and Gwyneth sitting in your bedroom.  I chose a night Dan was traveling and I was getting into bed early.  Where usually I would putter around on the web before finally turning in, I shut off the lights, cued it up and listened to the full episode before sleep.  I found it really relaxing and productive simultaneously so I've been on the market for a few others. 

First on my list is How I Built This with Guy Raz.  Guy speaks to the entrepreneurs behind recognizable brands. There's a rawness and honesty and casual chit chat that makes it relatable and inspiring at the same time. The Rent The Runway episode is fantastic. 

I'm obsessed with The Skimm, it has kept me plugged into world goings on via email long before time was limited.  The way I think about it it's kind of like Anne Hathaway whispering over Meryl Streep's shoulder a funny smart briefing every morning so that you can always seem like you're reading the news for an hour over coffee. Now it has a podcast that gets loads of love because it gets punchy on business. 

The last one I know less about but is on my list - How To Curate Your Life - by a shop owner named Lizzie Adams is one part about managing a creative career and another part about taking care of yourself.  The main takeaway from each episode is about staying sharply attune to your unique priorities.  

Have you jumped on the podcast bandwagon?  Are there ones you find inspiring, funny or smart? We'd love to hear!  

Featured Image via Anthropologie