An Easy & Chic Beach Destination With Kids

My boys, this weekend at  The St. Regis, Bal Harbour . 

My boys, this weekend at The St. Regis, Bal Harbour

Everyone has the elements of their lifestyle that they envision keeping intact post children and for us, as we've talked about loads here before, that was travel.  Exploring new places or sinking into one tropical spot lets us as a couple and a family stay whole.  And for the most part we've been pretty successful with keeping that going plus our little boy though destinations have become a little less far reaching and exotic. 

Here's our comprehensive list of considerations in booking a getaway since we had Bodie.  Also, our lists for somewhat organized plane travel with little ones - this one and this one were popular on Mother Untitled, previously.

This last Thursday, we decided to book it to sunshine after the especially long Northeast winter and a particularly busy time these recent months for our little family.  We wanted to optimize for a quick and direct flight, spacious enough suites and kid friendly pools and restaurants.  Other families with a similar short list in planning quick escapes vouched for Bal Harbour, a little strip past Miami.

Once you get past the shopping mall for which it's known, and the sequence of ivory hotel after hotel which isn't the poster for remote or deeply cultural, the actual hotel situation sets you up quite nicely for a sunny and easy weekend with kids.  The St. Regis immediately accommodated Bodie's nap times with early check ins and late check outs and greeted him in particular with a whole kit of beach goodies - beach ball, a tidy mesh bag full of sand toys and a sweet little stuffed animal which came home with us.  We barely brought any toys of our own with the exception of a couple books and coloring kits for time in the room.  

The suites are set up nicely so if you're like us and prefer a bit of your own space from your kids in the evenings, you can set one up in the walk in closet and the second in the bathroom.  Bodie napped and did his nights happily tucked into the large wardrobe.  

Older kids, starting at age four, can hang at the very Scandi designed, well crafted Turtle Club which is a constant string of activities that let parents off the hook for as long as they please. But until then, two may just be my favorite age for the beach as he was happy to be on the beach or in the water all day but also gave us a hefty daytime nap so we could get some time the two of us.  

My personal highlight was the peaceful meal times with a breakfast buffet that was free for Bodie and a kids menu that was reasonably priced and compiled with toddler favorites so he was happy to hang on the beach and nosh with no fuss.  Across the street, Makoto and Carpaccio are just sceney enough to feel like getting dressed up for an early dinner but absolutely used to kids of all ages.   

There were quite a few families staying the whole week but four days was just enough for us to give us something to look forward to for the week previous and precious enough to really take in the time, the three of us. 

What are your favorite getaways from where you are?  Have you had a kid-friendly travel experience worth writing home about?  We'd love to know! xo