5 Ways To Maximize Productivity When You Work From Home With Kids


It's a privilege I'm acutely aware of to have two days I can work out of the home on my own projects and have the rest of the week to care for Bodie.  I get that that's not everyone's set up so if you're working on yourself or your own creative projects alongside motherhood without the structured hours away, nap-times are precious.  Even with my two days of designated work time, there are site to dos that trickle through the rest of the week and I've slowly found a groove with Bodie to keep a handle on things and preserve those mid day nap hours for myself.  A few habits I've picked up at home that helped: 

1. Errands with Kids

In the first year of parenting, I would conserve every waking hour with Bodie for activities I believed he'd enjoy.  I'd save things like picking up medicine from the pharmacy for my Mondays and Tuesdays.  I've come to realize he learns just as much watching interactions that don't revolve around him and it allows our life to be more hand in hand.  

2. Household Chores with Kids

This one is my favorite.  I would save unloading the dishwasher or laundry for nap-time until one day it had to get bumped up and lo and behold Bodie was a willing participant.  Now, he pulls up a little chair to the cutlery drawer and takes on the task of sorting the silverware.  On Monday mornings he pulls the laundry baskets over to the washer and happily pushes every last bit of clothing into the far reaches of the washer. It's not perfect and I may have to redo it later but I love watching him understand "helping". 

3. Self Play Corners

I wouldn't say we're experts at this one.  It took us an easy 18 months to get to a place Bodie was happy to self-entertain without me side by side but I have learned to set up little baskets of cohesive activities scattered around.  We have one for legos, interactive books, stamps and stickers and little puzzles that can occupy Bodie for a little while if a time sensitive to-do crops up.  

4. Designated TV & Email Time

Also around 18 months, Bodie started watching a couple minutes of Peppa Pig at a time. Now he can watch a whole string of short episodes and he's added Thomas & Friends to the repertoire.  I've found less screen time guilt when it's part of our routine.  He watches it when he wakes with his smoothie and after his nap with a snack and I use that time to sit next to him and catch up on email for those twenty minutes.  

5. Eat When They Eat

Have you ever gotten to nap-time and thought should I eat, shower or work?  I shower in the evenings but eating was getting forgotten or becoming a nucsiance until I realized how much more I enjoyed mealtimes with Bodie when we were side by side as opposed to me solely focused on ensuring he got every morsel in his mouth.  

Do you have your own strategies?  I'd love to hear. xo

Featured Image via Onyx & Smoke