Work That Works For Mothers | Sparks & Honey

Image via  @lisasaysgah

Image via @lisasaysgah

Sparks & Honey came up in conversation only a week ago over breakfast with another mother who filled me in on their snappy culture briefing that they host in their New York offices and live stream for everyone else.  It's a half hour download on the trends making waves in our cultural ecosystem affecting media, humans and the economy.  It's also a really smart way to stay up to date if you're taking a career pause or working independently from home and more in the throes of day to day with toddlers than watercooler chit chat.

A week later they've popped up in my LinkedIn feed because of an open role that they call an Apprenticeship.  The senior cultural insights apprentice opportunity is specifically geared toward a candidate who's looking for a career shift, and presumably returning to the workplace after a pause.  The role reshapes the internship for someone more seasoned with a decade or more of experience and is particular about allowing someone to bring their prior experiences to this capacity.  

Sparks & Honey is an ad agency that would position themselves more so as a culture agency and coming from ten years of advertising, I can say that's not just clever branding.  Advertising is understanding what's going on beyond your brand and more so with culture to figure out what is true to you and also true to the outside getting you to a message and value that resonates in a moment of a time.  

In an industry that I can say rewarded tenure and wasn't the most predictable on regular hours, let alone flexibility, it's a breath of fresh air into the creative culture to see strides like these inviting talent in new ways. 

We've talked before about internships as a way to transition back after a pause and explore something new, would you be more likely to try it in this context? Have you heard of anything similar?

Featured Image via @Lisasaysgah on Instagram