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Whitney Wolfe, CEO, Bumble via  TIME

Whitney Wolfe, CEO, Bumble via TIME

Did you use an online dating site? I had met Dan before that became the norm but I've always loved the idea of Bumble and definitely taken over one or two of my single friends' phones to play around with it (sorry, my love).  Bumble is the female first site that puts the power in the woman's hands to initiate the match and date. 

That sense of women-forwardness comes through in the workplace culture with a COO who is mother to two girls under three and relishes the fact that she has both, flexibility, and the ability to model motherhood alongside the workplace.  In a recent interview on Werk (which we've profiled before), the COO, Sarah Jones Simmer, talks about designing the office to be kid friendly for parents whose kids need to tag along on a sick or snow day. 

Sarah described to Werk an approach to flexibility that isn't just limited to remote or flexible work but really about what they describe as "micro agility" in a normal work day.  This allows for someone to take the morning if they have to catch up on personal things or step out for appointments when they need with the assumption and trust that their work gets done in the way that works for them.  

"I'm always thinking about how we can create a culture where that is welcomed and supported by others on the team, so when they get to the point of making those decisions for their own lives, they feel like they don’t have to step aside or stop putting up their hand. They can continue to feel like they have both personal and parental lives that they want, but also be able to thrive professionally."
- Sarah Jones Simmer, COO, Bumble for Werk 

Bumble has current open roles include flex time and remote and full-time with the same sort of flexibility built into all their full time. 

Have you heard of the concept of "micro-agility" before?  If you're currently working in a more traditional environment, do you think it is something you think your workplace would be open to? 

Source: WerkBumble CEO Sarah Jones Simmer Describes Her Office As "Candy Land" for Babies