The Sweetest Print For A Little Girl's Nursery


I went to a tiny liberal arts school in upstate New York and made fast friends with a fiesty, smart group of women who are still very much in my life today.  One of them is our designer, Alex Labriola, who brought this site to life for me.  

Alex wrote here before about picking up and moving to Amsterdam with her husband and kitten and taking the leap into freelance life.  It's been the most fun, ten+ years after graduating to come back together and grow our businesses hand in hand and side by side. 

Alex designs brand identities but her magic also is in sweet illustrations, spotted and snagged most recently by Pottery Barn who asked her to put together a print for their Project Her campaign.  

On the heels of the me too movement and women's march, Alex designed Strength Together, a queue of women of different sizes and colors walking together and filling the space with love. The print is on sale at Pottery Barn now and twenty percent of the proceeds go to empower low-income working women.  

I would be happy enough with this anywhere in my home but wouldn't it be amazing as a playful and poignant print in a kids' bedroom or playroom?  

If you're not in the mood for art but love the message, I also wear one of Alex's custom designed "Be Heard" pins. I wear it with pride.  

Do you have friends doing incredible, creative things that you'd like to share? We'd love to hear!