MU Picked · Chic Posters For Nursery And Beyond

I found Bodie's nursery to be more for me than him in our first two years together.  It was definitely a serene setting that he felt safe in but it was also a place that I felt equally able to be calm.  We chose color palettes and simple art that were playful enough for a babe but created a good mood for us too.  With another nursery to decorate and planning a move within a year, we won't be going all out with a wall mural like we did with Bodie so I've been on the look out for affordable art that lends to a space we all enjoy.  Here were our picks in scouring some of favorite shops for wall decor but we've included links to the full collection of each artist in case you're drawn to the style but would prefer other visuals.  You can shop the list or pop over and browse MU·Picked for other favorites for parents leaning into balanced living in their home. 

MUPICKED_posters (1).jpg

1. This piece called Moon Phases is gender and age neutral.  It's my personal favorite of the current Poster Club selection but they have a bunch to browse.

2.  I love everything from Smallable but this little gem, called En Route, takes the traditional "things that go" theme and upgrades it with a neutral palette and a sophisticated spin.

3.  West Elm collaborated with Pottery Barn Kids for a capsule nursery collection including prints that work for the mid century home like this one called "Taking Flight".

4. If you are considering one piece and open to a splurge, Maisonette has a gorgeous collection and my favorite for either, boy or girl, is this neutral and playful ABC chart in plexiglass to make it extra cool.

5. Our own designer, Alex Labriola, is behind this illustration collaboration with Pottery Barn called "Strength Together".  The pro-women message combined with its sweet palette makes it perfect for a girl's room. It'll be hanging over my little one's dresser. 

6. Mathilde Cabanas has a playful french spirit that would work in every room in the house but I think her posters are especially fitting for a nursery. This one translates to "The Answer To All Your Worries". You can browse them on Smallable to avoid the international shipping or on Mathilde Cabanas to get the full collection.

7. We have Ferm Living towels and accessories all over our home already so I think their abstract posters are a nice segue into a nursery if you're looking for something more grown up while colorful.  

8. These Split Leaf prints in watercolor from Schoolhouse Electric work nicely in a pair and give me a feeling of freshness, childhood and calm.