A Personal Update & Why We're Taking The Week Off


Last Friday morning I started experiencing what felt like stretching in my stomach which I chalked up to ligament pain.  The pain progressed making it difficult to walk comfortably the next day.  By Sunday, the left side of my abdomen and back were tender to the touch before a patchy, painful rash appeared like a belt on half my waist.  Monday, I started anti-virals for shingles which has kept me in bed for the week with severe pain and discomfort.  

Since I now know more than I wanted to about shingles I'll share for context. It is a resurrection of dormant chicken pox from our younger days which typically attacks the elderly as it reactivates when our immune systems are weak. You can't pass along shingles, but you can pass along chicken pox to anyone who has't been vaccinated or had it previously. Luckily, Bodie has been vaccinated for chicken pox, but the blistering belt around my tummy keeps me from holding him or really, keeping up with him.  That distance has been another kind of painful for me though he's shown so much awareness and empathy, which is a sweet silver lining.  Every nap and night, he says "Bobo, night-night, Mama, better, ow go go" making his little wish known that if he falls asleep I'll wake on the mend.

We have loads of loving hands around, and it's weeks like this where the village shines.  Our nanny who is typically with us on Mondays and Tuesdays is putting in extra hours and doing our food shopping to make sure I'm stocked on foods to fight the virus (she's a naturopath).  My mother in law is driving downtown, a half hour either way, to be with Bodie for the one hour between when my nanny finishes up and Dan gets home.  And Dan! He's turned into Florence Nightingale making sure the blisters are clean and soothed.  My mother flies in tonight because sometimes, in the end, you just need your mama.

I thought about keeping things going on the site and our social channels for the week, but it felt forced and disconnected from our reality at home. I and our home are currently messy, raw and yet, full of love.  So for now, I'll be focusing this week on healing and being grateful that this pain will pass and that my family is close. 

The campaign you will see me talking about is the Healthy Lady, Happy Baby campaign which I am proud to be an ambassdor of this week.  It's a declaration that self-care isn't just a luxury or talking point, it's vital.  I couldn't be more in touch with that at this moment.  You can pop over to Hello My Tribe for more on this compelling campaign and conversation.