The Real Reason To Book Your First Mothers' Getaway


This past weekend, I took a quick flight up to Maine where seven of us who grew up together were gathering.  We have been attempting some version of this every year and it's never felt as valuable as when most of us had our children.  

After having Bodie, I left him for the first time when he was nine months old to get together with this same group of girls.  I was in full blown panic that Friday morning - I made purees, labeled them in order for mealtime and wrote out an hour by hour play by play for my very capable husband.  God bless him that he said thank you and told me not to worry instead of calling me on my neurosis.  I wrote Bodie an email en route to the airport to fully cement the level of emotion.  An excessive amount of FaceTiming ensued. 

48 hours later I returned to a more than fully intact child and husband.  I thought I'd asked Dan a monumental favor and in reality he had been thrilled for a chance to parent his way, connect with Bodie one on one and experience my days with our child.  

I became so acutely aware of how capable my husband was a father and if he had had any gap in his confidence, that gap sealed over the days making his own decisions without someone else to lead or critique.  

This past Thursday when I was toggling back and forth about going given how I've been feeling with pregnancy #2, Dan was the one to say, "I'm really looking forward to this weekend and having quality time with B."  I went and they went.  I left zero direction or anything prepared or packed in advance.  Bodie barely wanted to FaceTime.  It's unclear who had a better time.  

Since they were riding their high from their relaxed, happy weekend together, I took the opportunity to mention our next girls trip booked for March in Miami.  


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