Are You Trying To Get Pregnant?


Now that I'm five months into this second pregnancy I can admit, I was really worried about this time around.  When we conceived Bodie, it was straightforward and I wasn't yet in the depths of the motherhood social conversations to consider infertility or miscarriage as an option.  In the two and a half years since, especially running a parenting site, I'm much more aware of that reality.

When Dan and I decided we were "ready" to take on number two, I took it on like a project.  I was more conscious of my cycle, what I was putting in my body, my sleep and stress levels and all the natural aids to help fertility.  

I say all this because it's not lost on me how lucky we are to not have to go through many months or multiple years of waiting and worry.  I don't want to add to the image of glowing women naturally conceiving without thought.  So to fully upend any assumption that I was a cool, laid back mom, here's what I did: 

I'll start with the hardest - I gave up wine. I know plenty of people who enjoyed their evening glass right up to the day they found out their baby news but for me it helped my body feel clean.  Then there were easier things. I used Clear Blue digital ovulation tests to monitor where I was in my ovulation cycle - this gave me a sense of clarity and understanding.  Unlike when we had Bodie, this time I was chasing a toddler and I wasn't quite as certain I was getting the foods I needed so I ate Fertile Girl bars daily as a snack to get the super foods a bit more conveniently. I took New Chapter Pre-Natal vitamins three times a day at meal-times which was only slightly annoying.  When I could, I was diligent about eating foods based on where I was in my cycle - I did this the first time around too and it gave me a sense of control and knowledge about my cycles. I did light cardio work outs 3-4 times a week which unfortunately stopped the day I hit six weeks and felt that first wave of fatigue. Just to really cement myself on the wellness train I had an acupuncture appointment booked (with Sarah from Bloom Acupuncture who got my body ready for labor with Bodie) but I missed it and we got a positive result that same month so I never rescheduled.

All of this was to say there was no hint of spontaneity, romance and laid back fertile flower vibes happening in this house.  And in the end, we got lucky and the stars must've simply aligned  because there is some science that is far above my head and out of our reach.  But wherever you are in your planning or pregnancy, it is a journey and while we will inevitably talk about the exciting and fun parts of it here, I want you to know I hear you if it feels far from that right now.  

What about you?  Was your fertility journey laid back or focused? Simple or complicated?  Whatever it is, I'm rooting for you.

Featured Image via one of our favorite maternity brands, Storq