The Five Household Goods That Make Our Home Cleaner, Faster

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I don't know why I put off this post for as long as I did - maybe it felt too basic or revealed the minutia that is real even in modern motherhood.  But in the end it's our reality and the messy corners are unavoidable no matter how much we're embracing this time in our life.  I personally found tidying our house to be hands down the most exhausting and unfulfilling part of parenting but I do in fact get a bit of peace looking around at the end of our days feeling like our home is still in a presentable state. So minutia as it may be, there are a few things I've found to be game changing in our household for keeping up with it without spending my days on my hands and knees. 

1. Dyson Cord-Free Handheld Vacum I don't know if any other purchasable product has changed our days more.  When otherwise I would exasperatedly punt on picking up the little bits after mealtime or the crumbs of play-doh that somehow found their way around the living room,  making the mess worse by giving it time to stick, this gadget now fits conveniently under our sink and makes quick sweeps satisfying (almost fun, but I don't want to push it).  

2. Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Disinfecting Wipes (in Lemon Grass) I got these early on when I was still neurotic about germs in Bodie's first weeks, and I haven't parted with them since.  They smell natural and subtle and work on every spill or sticky surface in the kitchen and every bit of pee or poo in the changing area.  

3. Goof Off Heavy-Duty Wipes This was a gem with the random scuff mark, but once Bodie started discovering the joy of taking his crayons to the hardwood floor or white walls, these took on a new glory in our home.  They're not quite as au natural as the Seventh Generation Wipes, so we use only when necessary.

4. Stadler Form Aroma Diffuser Candles have a short shelf life in this house as much as I have a vision of our home drenched in a signature scent of Baies.  Pending the season or what's going on in our home (stress, sickness, etc.) we'll swap out essential oils to drop into this sleek, discreet little dome and it quickly fills a room with a subtle natural scent. 

5. Pehr Design Bins They're not necessarily your typical Costco bestseller, but these sweetly patterned baskets of various sizes are in every nook of our home.  On a good day they're organized by categories of toys, but on most days they're an easy way to toss miscellaneous small toys and toy parts into somewhere contained at the end of the day. 

Do you have any gadgets or goods to add to this list? No item is too small if it makes a big difference in your house! xo

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash