Five Last Minute Gift Ideas For Father's Day


Father's day tends to sneak up on all of us.  Likely because we're all still relishing our day slash month in May. If you're running a tad behind, here are some of my favorite options that I've tried or considered in the past.  


I can't take credit for this one.  Dan's brothers gifted each other a Macallan aged scotch whisky in an engraved box to open on their child's wedding day, 21st birthday or really any big milestone that warrants a good drink.  


Dan and I both got each other a keep sake for our first Mother and Father days.  He got me an initial necklace that I wear daily and I got him Tiffany's cuff links engraved with Bodie's initials and birthdate. 


I think one of the things that gets lost for men is their time with friends on the weekends especially when time with their family is limited and precious.  I've been meaning to give him a Saturday or Sunday morning off and organize an outing with his favorite friends (sorry my love, not this year).  A golf game, baseball match or night out are all strong options. 


Dan tends to go with tried and tested brands but he and most of my friends' husbands appreciate new to give them a bit of cool factor when they're running after their toddler.  I got Dan these Rivieras loafers last summer and he lived in them.


Vilebrequins are loved in our household.  It's a bit cutesy but you can mix and match a set for father and son if they're as into beach days as we are. 

Do you celebrate in your house? What are your go-to gifts?  We'd love you to add to the list below! xo

Featured Image via Love and Marriage