MU Picked · Summer Stroller Must Haves

I know the majority of the city is already moaning about how sweltering it is but when you have active little ones it opens up a wealth of things to do to fill mornings and evenings.  Once Bodie is ready to go, he's in our stroller, usually without pants on, so I try and have it always packed with a few dependable things to keep us entertained and safe while we're out.  I rummaged through our Bugaboo to see what I always have stashed and compiled a list below.  As usual, you can also find them in the MU·Picked shop where we gather all our favorites for balanced living in motherhood.

On a personal note, I feel conflicted about talking about frolicking in the park while we watch the current horror show at our borders so all affiliate revenue from the shop starting this month through the end of August will be donated to RAICES.  


1. I wish I could claim to have found something more indie or eco than Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk but these come in a big bulk set and you go through them quickly when passerby kids will inevitably stop and play.  Think of it as buying friends. 

2. We've worked long and hard to land on the Alba Botanica Sunscreen which has proved the easiest and softest to rub on wriggling babies and kids while also being natural. 

3. This Crocodile Creek Ball is also a go to gift and comes in loads of colors and cute patterns.  It has high quality material so can endure lots of action. 

4. If you're out for a long while on a hot day, the ThinkBaby Steel Cup keeps water cool and is large and sturdy enough to handle getting tossed around. 

5. When Bodie started to walk we got him My First Doll Stroller to keep him company by our side.  He'd pop in his favorite stuffed rabbit and stroll.  As he got older we keep it folded in the undercarriage of our stroller and it's easy to open when he wants a change of activity.  

6. We keep the Nutcase (Baby Nutty) Helmets on hand for scooter or bike rides when Bodie's feeling over the stroller.  The fun patterns help get kids excited about them but they're also high on the safety and ease scale. 

7. I find the California Baby Bug Blend the most gentle and effective and it comes in lots of sizes so it travels easily.  

8. We have these Fubbles in plenty of our house.  They don't produce magnificently impressive bubbles but they're perfect for little hands to grasp and maneuver with without risk of spill. 

9. I couldn't rave about these Archimede Aqua Shoes more.  A stylish and softer alternative to the Natives, Bodie will wear these to run around and for water play. 

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Featured image of our favorite Archimede shoes.